New CO-OP Mode 2v2: This is what exactly Hearthstone should show at Blizzcon 2019. Concept 2×2.

🤖💬 See what the future may hold in the Blizzcon.
You just watched your trailer about an idea for a new Hearthstone co-op game mode. Team up with your best friend and climb the ladder! This is not official leaked trailer, this is just our concept. We want to know your first impressions. If this mode were to appear in the game, would you play it? Do you need a cooperative mode in any form? What do you think of this? Our main goal is to collect feedback and possibly influence the emergence of a cooperative game mode in the future.
Also, Maybe in a few days we will get an incredible announcementin the Blizzcon 2019. We believe that the developers will really show us something completely new.
Therefore, in this video we want to tell you about our concept for a 2v2 game mode and the main reasons why the mode has still not appeared, also we will show you different design concepts and ideas.

The main art – Patrik Björkström


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🤖🤝 ​Special thanks to Chris for text editing and Sojung Kim for korean subtitles


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