This RANK 1 LEGEND Ramp Druid is BROKEN and SUPER FUN to play! | Hearthstone

Today we go over some highlights of the latest versions of Ramp Druid from Sunken City.

Gaby Ramp Druid w/Doomsayer: AAECAeSiBATJ9QOJiwSlrQSEsAQNr4AEsIAEiZ8Erp8E2p8Ez6wEjbIE/70E8L8ErsAEgNQEndQE2qEFAA==

Meati Ramp Druid w/ Queen Ashzara: AAECAZICBsn1A4mLBPGkBKWtBISwBNu5BAyvgASwgASJnwSunwTanwTPrASNsgT/vQTwvwSuwASA1ATaoQUA

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Zeddy, RegisKillbin, Kripp, Rarran and other hearthstone youtubers all play different hs gamemodes. Duels, Battlegrounds, Standard, Arena and Wild are in the game that can new cards from new expansions to climb and win HS games.
Hearthstone is a card game based on WOW, it is also a digital card game.