Overlord Rover Warrior | Rise of Shadows | Hearthstone

This Tempo / Enrage Warrior performs better than expected. I got this list from Tofu24 who used it to hit legend and it went 7-3 for me. Everything feels super synergistic and fluid aside from Archivist. Overlord’s Whip is huge with Redband Wasp and Acolyte of Pain as well as Security Rover. Security Rover being at 6 health is nutty.

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Tofu24’s Overlord’s Whip Rover Warrior Code: AAECAQcG0gLFBLIIkvgCoIADhp0DDEuQA/wEkQb/B/sMhe0CnfACm/MC5PcCs/wCo4sDAA==

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