Its´time for a D-D-D-Duel! | Big Paladin | Wild Hearthstone Rise of Shadows

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Big Paladin, the name already sounds good. Tirion is in here, Thekal and his Molten Giants as well as the beloved Unity, Precision, Perfection. With Call to Adventure we guarantee to draw either Thekal or Zilliax which means you can Mulligan for Moltens and steam roll the opponent fairly easy. When it comes to the name of this deck, Duel Paladin would probably fit as good due to Duel! bringing out something gigantic, hopefully Ragnaros

Prismatic lens can be your best friend with 3 mana Lich Kings and other totally fair mana cost changes. Its different than other decks, feels quite good when playing and you dont play Odd Paladin which makes you a hero. Play it, like it, tell me about it


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