Hearthstone – Blizzcon 2017 Mystery Card?

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blizzcon 2017 Hearthstone card?
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knights of the frozen throne videos:
KFT pack opening in a nutshell – https://youtu.be/zZelM3oLZ5o
deathstalker rexxar vs bloodreaver gul’dan https://youtu.be/p7pTOniVyok
I’m going to need some better adventurers https://youtu.be/VW9Y4vdSv8k
Valeera the hollow 1 hp comeback https://youtu.be/6sn-fv_Zo_s
Expectation vs Reality – the Lich King https://youtu.be/L7sDlT_YKQw

ES_Hifive Lofi – Jenny Roos
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