EZ Legend w/ Veranus Vault Hunter | 77% Winrate | Descent of Dragons | Hearthstone

This deck destroys Shamans which is probably something you’re seeing a lot of. We got super EZ legend with this deck. Earlier on in the stream I was rank 2, but dropped to rank 4 messing around with various decks. After we switched to Quest Hunter we started crushing everything! 77% winrate for one of the easiest legend climbs I can remember. Veranus and Shu’ma are both great here! Quest hunter is going to be the deck to best after the Shaman nerfs.

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Shu’ma Veranus Quest Hunter: AAECAR8I0wGvBKCAA+OLA6SlA66xA9iyA5+3AwuXCNsJoIUDx50D5KQDu6UD8qUDmKkDjq0D+K8DgrEDAA==

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EZ Legend w/ Veranus Vault Hunter | 77% Winrate | Descent of Dragons | Hearthstone