Battle of the Bans | Deck Builders Brawl | Hearthstone | Rastakhan’s Rumble

Playing the Tavern Brawl, Battle of the Bans with all nine classes!
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Current Youtube Release Schedule: MON-FRI 10:30 am est.
Current Twitch Schedule: MON-FRI 12pm-5pm est.

Current Series:
► (Hearthstone) Surviving Standard – The goal of this series is to highlight an interesting deck and then play a few games on the ladder. Grinding standard can be frustrating so we will try to “survive” by having as much fun as possible.

► (Hearthstone) Journey into Wild – Much like the Surviving Standard series my goal with these is to start with an interesting deck that is fun to play but ultimately has success on the wild ladder.

► (Hearthstone) Epic Games – Sometimes games go on for so long and for so many turns they just become epic! These usually come out on Fridays.

► (Hearthstone) Deck Builders Brawl – When a new Tavern Brawl comes out that requires deck building I go through every class, build a deck, and play a game. Also released on Fridays.

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